Garden Party 2015

Garden Party: This work contains a pile of white ceramic utensils. They are placed as towers on wooden shelves installed in the niches of the doorway like dirty dishes collected after a meal waiting to be washed. Weeds and stalks of grass fill every slot and crack in these piles. During the exhibition, the vegetation growing among the wooden beams on the shelves undergoes a complete life cycle of growth and withering. The flowering green and the dying yellow are intertwined.
The green grasses in this work represent a dual image of the lawn in a well-kept garden and of wild weeds that need to be uprooted. This image is related to the spirit of yearning for a culture that has passed from the world—the culture of cultivated lawns where picnics are held under the dome of the sky, with participants dressed in festive white clothing while the orchestra in the gazebo plays pleasing tunes to pass the time. In contrast stands the steamy urban reality, in which grass sprouts among the pavement stones only because it is a stubborn survivor in a hot and compassionless land.
the work was originally part of the exehbition ‘Death of a garden gnom’ in late 2015 and during the months it was on the green grass slowly turned dry and yellow, the work in i’ts dry form was presented in Alfred gallery during 2016.

Garden Party / site-specific installation / 2015 / eating utensils, soil, grass, wood, polyurethane foam, epoxy, synthetic grass / varying dimensions.


Date : 26/10/2016Category : 2015, 2016, 3D, Art, Exhibitions, Installations, SculptureViews : 3343

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