Inbal Hoffman

Born in 1973. Graduated with honors from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezallel Jerusalem (1998). Artist, illustrator and designer, Engaged in a wide range of subjects and mediums from gardening and video installation to the use of more traditional disciplines such as photography and sculpture, while constantly trying to melt remote techniques and mediums, creating encounters between traditional forms of work and industrial, organic and natural digital and line.
Her works expresses aesthetic pleasure, meticulousness and preciseness. Uses diverse means of expression, techniques and systematic thought process in her dealings with order over entropy.
held a solo exhibition at the P8 gallery and participated in exhibitions at the Eretz Israel Museum, Uri and Rami Nechustan Museum, and number of group exhibitions.
Lectures at the Shenkar College of engineering and Design.


Art is a garden of wonders, and I am the ringmaster in a flea circus, pulling rabbits out of hats, I create in the void of infinite possibilities, melting objects into ideas, I strive to discover the fleeting moments between the conceptual and the tangible, the idea and the labor, art as a notion that has no material form, with the right for Illusory visual as well as the need of a good story, and art as work - labor - effort, exploring the material and experimenting, and the admiration of the object. Control and the loss of it are concepts that intrigue me. While working on my last Exhibition, I slowly learned to give up my need for control, and to gradually transition into a channel through which information was processed. My fascination with botany and sprout growth, depicted both through photographs and videos, left a lot of room for randomness and uncertainty. By releasing myself of the responsibility and the pretension for pre-conceived outcomes, I'm learning to surrender to emotion and release my fixation for accuracy, without sacrificing the admiration of beauty. I draw my inspiration from the world of flora and fauna, the wild untamed and Sporadic nature with its ever changing appearances Served as a cause of envy. In my work, I try to control and create entropy by exposing the structure, learning the method in order to recreate and diversify it On a technical level, I am interested in the confluences between techniques and mediums that are remote from one other – drawing and implanting, sculptures combined with video projections, photography frozen forever in polyester castings. I arc across mediums and techniques to explore the interactions between traditional and industrial, organic and digital, drawing a line and growing a stalk, Revealing the sublime in the mundane.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 "Death of the garden gnome" - solo exhibition – Rehovot Municipal Gallery, Rehovot
2015 "Bio design: Hybrid fabrication" - group exhibition – HIT Gallery, Holon,
2015 "Incubator" - Video Projection – Joyce Yehuda Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2015 "Art Souterrain" - group exhibition – World trade center, Montreal, Canada
2014 "Standing Still" - group exhibition – Drefler gallery, Musrrarra, Jerusalem
2014 "Epidermis" - group exhibition – Florentin art space, Tel Aviv
2014 "Woven Consciousness" - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 "Embedded in the material" - group exhibition - Florentin art space, Tel Aviv
2013 "magia naturalis" – group exhibition - P8 gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "seedbed" – solo exhibition, P8 gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "Metropolin" ,group exhibition, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "Metropolin" ,group exhibition, c&g Artpartment, Hong Kong
2002 “Dollhouse Delinquency”, Solo exhibition – Ori and Rami Nehustan, Museum
2001 “Men in the house”, CCA gallery, Tel-Aviv
1999 “Dolls”, The Israel Museum Youth Wing, Jerusalem.
1999 'Big Clock' center piece, 'It's Time' exhibition, youth wing of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

'Headrest ' commissioned for 'One' Art book by 'Imago Mundi' foundation on behalf of Luciano Benetton / curated by Naomi Aviv