Single Blanket 2014

Single blanket is a video projection of an animation sequence screened on a down blanket, the animation follows the natural Creasing of the hung blanket showing a drip of black lines starting at the binding points of the blanket and gradually filling the entire surface until it is completely black. I used a real size single blanket that was hang up on the museum wall and made the animation to perfectly fit the surface to create the illusion of a crying blanket.
The work is about the need to feel secure, as night terror and dark thoughts creeps in and raise the longing for companionship and human warmth .

Single blanket / 2014 / Video projection on a blanket / 200×180 cm

‘Woven consciousness’, Contemporary textile in Israel, Eretz Israel Museum, commissioned work

Date : 01/06/2015Category : 2014, Art, Installations, VideosViews : 3037

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