A small sculpture depicts a kneeling female figure in a victimized position on a shelf edge installed perpendicular to the wall, the figure’s head is covered with a cloth pillowcase printed with a Spider-man pattern, a smaller version of a pillowcase from a nursery. On the wall behind the figure lies the shadow of the figure, however,it is not a static shadow, the shadow is actually a video projection of the shadow of the figure and the animated shadow moves uncomfortably every few minutes. the Work tells the story of every young mother who feels sometimes that she is the victim of abduction and does not recognize who she had once been, before the worries, the accumulated fatigue, and a feeling of insecurity which are the burden of all mothers, Despite the threatening tone and seemingly sad theme, the work aimed for black humor.

Date : 30/01/2014Category : 2013, 3D, Art, Installations, Sculpture, VideosViews : 6496

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