New land

Line is in the heart of everything I do, I am fascinated by lines ,in nature as well as in art. All my drawings are done with some kind of digital involvement, either I use a digital pen or I scan the sketches done by hand and make the final composition in the app. After the drawing is complete I use some other form of hand manipulation like cutting or use of lighting  to take the 2D outcome into the 3D world  ,turning the picture into an object

‘New land‘ is dealing with the hardship we are all in these days. Living in Israel is especially difficult because we are isolated, and might be facing war in the next few month.

People who were born and raised in Israel are often called ‘Tzabar’ which means cactus in Hebrew.

We say that native Israelis are pointy and rough  on the outside but are sweet and soft from within,

I incorporated the idea of that cactus to the general feeling of dry land, a wasteland that nothing can grow in, the rats that are jumping the sinking ship, the dark water and the hope to find a new and better place ahead. I used cutting as part of the drawing to enhance the sharp and edgy feel, but to create a delicate and fragile surface at the same time.

Date : 01/02/2013Category : 2012, 2D, ArtViews : 2891

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