Print Party

A series of rubber cork houseware i was designing and manufacturing between 2009-2011
this line is discontinued

Since we are relentlessly looking for things to print on, we came across the rubberized cork which we consider as a wonder.

By itself Cork is amazing, it is natural, light, water resistant, flexible, it has great dimensional stability and is a thermal insulator.

Remarkably when combined with rubber we get strength and flexibility of the polymer plus the property of cork. This unique combination has a never-ending potential of applications.

Rubberized Cork Sheets have a deformity of less than 0.1% and the physical stability of the products is excellent. They do not swell, have high tensile strengths and are resistance to the temperature as high as 110 degree Celsius, so it is the perfect material to be made into kitchen and table ware, and as we found out can be cut into patterns and sawn into three dimensional objects.

The material is pleasant to the touch, and comes only in a combination of light brown (the cork) and black (the rubber). It is hand printed in a variety of designs and colors.

Hand pull screen-print is being used to apply water base colors on to the surface.

The result is a perfect combination of modern clean graphic design and product design, with the natural and eco-friendly look that is so in demand these days.

Date : 08/03/2015Category : IndustrialViews : 1859

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