Descending an elevator 2016

‘Descending an elevator’, 2016 site specific installation Variable dimensions
Ein Hod Museum , 100 years for the dada movement, curator- Raaya Zomer

An installation that Extends on two stores at the museum is installed in an unexpected location above the staircase and the space between the banister and the elevator shaft, a place that normally is not used or suitable for displaying art.
The installation is completely specific to the setup place in such a way that every detail in the design is influenced by the physical surroundings and completely compatible to it, to make it clear to the viewer that the work does not exist anywhere but in a strange place in which it is presented, which sharpen the experience of unreasonability (the whole thing had to be constructed on a 43 degree angle which is the decline of the staircase)
The Piece evokes an inner absurd, because of the substantial gap between the huge assembly effort, toil and meticulous preoccupation in the fine details on the one hand, and the absurd location, worthlessness, cheap materials and familiar objects from which it is comprised on the other hand.
The gap between the meticulous hand work and the lack of any aspect of prestige or importance makes the whole work unexpected and ridiculous
There’s kind of a pleading to the observers estimation as saying ‘ look what a great investment !’ but the cheap materials and temporariness make the whole effort meaningless, and the fact it is site specific prevents its realization elsewhere and ensuring its temporary existence.

Date : 05/06/2016Category : 2016, Art, Exhibitions, Installations, SculptureViews : 3759

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