Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting 1+2

This large scale installation was first exibited in ‘fresh paint’ art fair 2017 as a commissioned project , and few month later was installed as a more complexed version in the main space of Bloomfield science museum in Jerusalem over about 120 square meters.


Text: Tali Ben-Nun


Bone Grafting is a site-specific, modular, and Dada-spirited installation, Artist Inbal Hoffman contrived a sculptured environment where the spirit of a Renaissance-like Cabinet of Curiosities faces a collection of everyday objects that have no aura. The installation’s distraught internal logic is based on a “continuum of consciousness,” a closed-circuit, in a way, which is self-feeding and auto-evolving. She turns an assemblage that brings together IKEA, Max-Stock, household waste, and organic elements – into a fantastic crossing between the domestic and the scientific, the botanical and the bureaucratic, the natural and the synthetic.

The objects in the installation function as if they were “actors” in a nonsense theatrical setting, conforming to the new roles assigned to them by Hoffman. Ingenuity, improvisation, and playfulness populate the installation with logical landmines and enigmatic humorous traps.
The entire composition is made up of small shrewd sculptural units linked by straws, IV tubing, irrigation pipes, or branches. The associative continuum from one organ to the next ceaselessly revolves and evolves. The go more we venture inward, the more suspicious we become towards the mechanism. The further we move away, the better we can make out the construction that is holding this installation together.

Date : 26/08/2017Category : ArtViews : 1221

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