Nitrogen Cycle 2013

Nitrogen Cycle: the installation was a part of my solo exhibition ( Seedbed 2013, p8 gallery Tlv). Mushrooms are often referred to as the digestive system of the cycle of life; they internalize matter from there surrounding, waste and other dead material and dismantle it back into the ground to be used again. I used this phenomenon as a metaphor for the artistic process, comparing the artist to the mushroom as it observe from the world around it, processes the information, and reintroduce it  in the form of art, offering it to the world to enjoy. I used old found books to make the mushroom, in Israel books are never put in the trash, instead unwanted books are being stacked in the street corner for others to take, I guess this tradition started out of respect to books, so by re-purposing those boots I integrated them back to the cycle of life.

Nitrogen cycle / 2013 / Installation /Graphite, molded polyurethane and books, overhead projector

Date : 23/08/2014Category : 2013, 3D, Art, InstallationsViews : 4707

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