Window garden 2013

Living in the city causes a constant longing for nature, the garden is the Secular cathedral , a place to worship the Wonders of Creation, so for me , gardening is a form of worshiping, a reminder of my own humanity , our mortality and the acknowledgement that our time here is limited and should be spent in a meaningful manner. The sculpture try to exemplify the varies stages of gardening as a metaphor for the creative process, as to say gardening is an act of creation as much as painting or sculpting.
The piece consists of tree germinating jars, one for each step of the creative process:
To make: gathering all the components to create, the plants, the soil, the avocado seed, or in my case, an assortment of found objects that once they are put together will somehow light the spark that starts life and growth
to anticipate: once the piece is in place there is always a reflective period, going back and forth carefully Monitoring the progress, adding changes but mostly Following what is happening with amazement, watching the piece develops or the plant starting to bloom
to appreciate: the plant is fully grown, the art is completed and all there is to do is to sit back and enjoy.

Window garden / 2013 / mixed media / 45X90X90

Date : 01/01/2015Category : 2013, 3D, Art, SculptureViews : 4413

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