Incubator 2013

The video was the high point of a lengthy botanical/art project, during which I was documenting the sprouting of White bean seeds in a series of stills. To shoot the video, I built a closed box to maintain constant growth conditions, the box was connected to a Humidifier maintaining the moisture level of the seed, and lighting that turned on at regular intervals. The Box was covered with glass panel and a digital still camera was mounted above and took one picture every 4 minutes. Electronic board scheduled the procedures: watering – lighting – image, each step in the growth process required different frame rate of actions to comply with the growth rate. The first step in the process occurred in the dark, seeds were placed on a specially sewn pillow, because seeds  germinates underground darkness conditions  were kept, the light was turned on only for a second to allow the camera to record the events .the seeds sent roots in all directions over the entire area of ​​the pad, after  a week of rooting in the dark i turned the light on  permanently, to begin the photosynthesis process , during which the seed  grew long stems and leaves reaching higher towards the camera, and after another week the box was opened and the water were turned off,

The result is a heartrending complete life cycle, the seeds seem almost like living creatures with the desire and ability to move TURNING from white spiders into delicate swans flying into death.

The film was edited from a sequence of individual images taken at regular intervals, a technique called time-laps

The video was first presented as a part of my solo exhibition in 2013 (‘Seedbed’ P8 gallery curated by Naomi Aviv) and since was part of several group exhibition. it has recently been projected at Joyce Yehuda gallery in Montreal as part of the art souterrain festival (Feb 2015)

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