They’re everywhere! 2014

Site specific installation that draw its imagery from the unexpected emergence of fungi.
Mushrooms depict false and destabilizing imagery. They Are white, beautiful, attractive and seductive but simultaneously toxic, dangerous, mysterious, and can cause hallucinations and alter states of consciousness.
Fungi arouse revulsion because of their tendency to occur in moist places and thrive in rotten surroundings, they heralds death since they are part of the decomposition cycle in nature, mushrooms are notable for their ability to dismantle dead material and return it to the ground (the nitrogen cycle) and you can find them around death and decay and on carcasses next to mold and bacteria.
Mushrooms are mysterious. A plant that does not need light, son of darkness, reproducing rapidly when given the appropriate conditions for its prosperity. They appear in unexpected places, dark corners and tree trunks, like a parasite that lurks within its host waiting for the moment to attack and burst.
Fungus, the oldest organism on Earth, is the reproductive organ of a huge underground grid stretches for miles. In fact, the world’s largest organism is a mycelium area of ​​2000 acres. This network transfer information and food on the ground, and below it
The mushroom network is often being compared to the Internet due to its functioning as a communication channel that grows rapidly in each direction and reaches everywhere, watching everything, absorbs everything and distributes information to all ends. It is so complex, wide and organized until the terrifying feeling comes to mind that it has a will of its own…

they’re everywhere! / 2014 / Parquet flooring, polyurethane, plaster, wire / Varying dimensions
the project was exhibited at:
‘Embedded in the material’  / December 2014 / sculpture installation / Florentine 45 Gallery Tell Aviv
Blue Grass / 2014 / group exhibition / Borohov house, Mishmar Hanegev
 ‘Art Souterrain’ / 2015 / art festival / World trade center, Montreal, Canada

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