Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall is a work about the artist’s need to be heard and communicate oneself while struggling with his inhibitions of normal social communication.

The work is consist of several flies and other insects that are attached to the wall with pins, the remaining excess threads that comes out of their bodies are linked and tied to one another to create a net that can’t be broken, they are unable to break loose and part from each other so they are preserved in the same form for eternity, like specimens in an Entomology box

The work talks about the wish to be present without being noticed, to observe without taking a part, and maintaining an idea of freedom and safety while at the same time the net that is spread from one insect to the other is actually holding a firm grip that is preventing that freedom to be realized, and brings to mind the preservation of the insects in a specimen box were they are bound to stay forever.

Date : 03/06/2015Category : 2014, 2D, 3D, Art, InstallationsViews : 4174

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