The Toolshed 2015

The Toolshed: This piece displays a series of gardening tools, both old and new, hanging from a beam connected to the wall. The wooden handles were replaced by branches to which electronic components, wires and mushrooms are attached. These same mushrooms represent a process of growth, but also a hint of death and parasitism. The tools used for gardening together with the objects added by Hoffman signify the integration between the digital world and the world of unmediated and grueling manual labor.
Connecting the branches and the mushrooms to the gardening tools removes them from their context and turns them into an artistic object. They resemble tangled branches with white mushrooms growing on them, of different sizes and at different stages of growth. This work, like other works in the exhibition, has a drawing presence in which the line and its movement are realized in the direction of growth.

The Toolshed / installation / 2015 / gardening tools, heatshrink tubes, electronic parts, branches / 2.80 X 3.40 m

Date : 06/06/2015Category : 2015, 2D, 3D, Art, front page, Installations, SculptureViews : 3987

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