The Garden Within 2015

The Garden Within: In This artwork the artist brings the outside space to the window garden through references to structures found in the field, the garden or the park, and fusing elements of industrial agriculture to the intimacy of the privet home.
Sprouting within the glass jar and the frozen chicken trays are sweet potatoes, beets, lentils and assorted roots. A number of building prototypes are affixed to the utensils: a greenhouse, a wooden fence and a shade net In this expanse, which describes the outside within the space, the plants grow and develop undisturbed during the entire exhibition.
The work demonstrates a type of equation in which plants and water mean life. The work refers to compassion and hope as elements existing in every act of planting. The work resembles an agricultural landscape of checkered fields in different colors and sizes. It serves as a nursery for seeds and sprouts, for all the metaphoric structures have a single goal: to protect the tender plants from harm.
The work constitutes a double reference to agricultural buildings from fields and gardens, and to the “gardening corner” found in all kindergartens that the preschool teacher uses to explain plant development and photosynthesis. Our inherent sense of compassion is awakened in the presence of these childlike surroundings and the need to protect the plants.


The Garden Within / site-specific installation / 2015 / glass jar, nylon, Perspex, poplar wood, Styrofoam trays, bulbs and sprouts / 0.75 X 0.9 X 2 m

Date : 24/08/2015Category : 2015, 3D, Art, Exhibitions, front page, Installations, SculptureViews : 3291

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