Dark Matter 2015

The gazebo originates in the Far East and America. This pavilion, which can be found in many parks and gardens worldwide, is open on all sides and whoever sits inside it can look at the beauty of the park from all directions. The gazebo serves as shelter from the sun and as a place of rest, and sometimes as a stage for performances. Hoffman’s gazebo is large and rickety, made out of wood. Its base is a raised wooden platform surrounded by a fence, and at its center is a pool filled with a black liquid. Beneath the pool is a mechanism that creates waves in the black liquid.

The gazebo is thought to be the heart of the garden, a place where people come to rest and commune with nature. The pool in the garden is the source of life, the heart of everything. In contrast, the black pool in the gallery space symbolizes the opposite. It represents nothingness, destruction and constant threat. Poisonous mushrooms flourish near the dark pool as if seeking to spread out. Installed on the roof of the gazebo is a surveillance camera like those found in parking lots and stores, and its presence enhances the disturbing feelings.

Dark Matter / site-specific installation / 2015 / wood, water, Perspex, polyurethane foam, metal wire, surveillance cameras / 2.80 X 1.80 X 1.80 m.

Date : 24/08/2015Category : 2015, 3D, Art, Exhibitions, front page, Installations, SculptureViews : 3439

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