Full Circle 2015

Full Circle: The complete artwork is consists of 3 videos screened simultaneously .the making of the series was done over a long period of time,I built an elaborate mechanism that was constructed from a turning disk that was turned very slowly by a step motor , on top of the disk I placed a vase in it the growth was taking place, a camera was placed in front of the vase, taking one pick every 5 minutes, the footage was than edited to a short film depicting a full circle of the plants growth from sprouting to disintegrating. The music adds another aspect to the movies in the sense that it provides a new and amusing context to each of the films. After completing the movies I built a special screening device , inside a wooden cabinet shelf I placed 3 Perspex cylinders with lids that appear to look like regular jars, inside every cylinder I placed a Flexible PVC Fresnel magnifying lens and a tablet, the tablet is screening the video and the lenses add to the illusion than the cylinder is a jar filled with water and the plants are growing in it. The growth is screened upside down, so the leaves are growing towered the bottom of the vase
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Full Circle / video installation / 2015/ wooden cabinet, Perspex tubes, glass jars, tablets, water, vegetation, LED bulbs / 0.45 X 1.05 m.

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